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Tech Takeover

Who doesn't love technology? It has made our life tremendously more comfortable, and dare I say, more enjoyable. Unfortunately, tech accessories have the tendency to become chains rather than tools to improve the quality of your life. Used wisely, it'll enhance our life. Here, we've put together a list of essential tech gadgets that you need in your everyday life. 

Portable Power Banks

If you travel a lot and can't find an electric outlet to charge your devices, a power bank is a lifesaver for you.

Nothing is more frustrating than having your phone's or camera's battery die on you at a crucial moment. However, with a power bank, you always have a backup plan to recharge them. 


A fabulous tech gadget to have on you while you're out and about or going to the gym. They also serve as hand-free speakers when you want to receive calls from your friends while on the go.

Buds are significantly practical because you can connect them to almost all devices, and enjoy high-quality audio. You can relax to some music or have them on you while going for a jog. 


Smartwatch pack the benefits of a watch, fitness monitors, and Bluetooth functionality on your wrist. They come with an LED screen as well as a normal-looking analog watch. Depending on the brand, model, and make they can do much more than the regular watch. Worth the investment.

Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses 

If you're going to bury your face in a blue light-emitting screen all day long, you need protection.

These glasses help you decrease eye strain and increase sleep quality.

There's nothing wrong with protecting your eyes and health while looking stylish. Try them today.

Finally, there're tons of cool gadgets coming out constantly. We can't cover them in one blog post. So, keep your eyes peeled for our next blog post about the coolest gadgets to try in 2020.